C A V I N G/ O U T D O O R  A C T I V I T I E S  

                                                 A C C O M O D A T I O N  IN  S O U TH  WA L E S



                              G O D R E   P E N T R E

Our cottage is available to visiting groups of up to 15 persons (more by special arrangement) weekends or mid-week on a non-exclusive basis for a cost of £6.00/night per person .   (now with improved facilities)                                                                                         


Godre Pentre (Welsh for end-of-the-village) is situated in the village of Ystradfellte between Abadare and Brecon, conveniently   near the New Inn and caves such as the Little Neath River Cave and Porth-y-Ogof, South Wales Caving Club is about a 20     minute drive away. The area is however otherwise rather remote and you need to ensure that you have a basic food         supply and petrol in your tank! There are plemty of other activities such walking on the Brecon Fans  the famous 'waterfall walk' and climbing at Dinas   Rock.      (POST CODE CF 44 9JF)                                                                                                   

(for a location map see the CCC web site)                                                                                                                                                      


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* use the booking contact info on www.croydoncavingclub.org.uk         :

* TELEPHONE       07796947078                                        

* E-mail        chris@chriscrowley.co.uk                    

OTHER A deposit is not normally required however cancellation charges may be levied- there is a min number of 6 in winter-