The first time that I met my love was at Killeter Fair
Old School Many aspects of the town have indeed changed over the years and a considerable number of these changes have been included in a recent photographic history of the town called


by Canon Harry Trimble and Councillor James Emery. Scholars Bar

The first major change was when the famous Tramway linking the town to Victoria Bridge Railway Station closed in 1938 after over 50 years of service. Twenty years later the railway itself shut up shop. The Fair at Killeter, immortalised in song, was up to recently only a memory until it was resurrected a few years ago by a magnificent cross-community effort. Now it is an annual event. .

The school which commanded the 4-road junction at the top of the town and from whose windows the scholars watched to warn the Master of the approach of an Inspector is now the Scholars' Bar. The block of buildings in the middle of the town has gone and been replaced by a very smartly landscaped Centre with an elegant copper centrepiece. The Priest's Lane has been widened, a car park added and a new roundabout replaces the speed ramps above Dinny's.

Main St-1900 Main St -2000
The Hospital,which first opened to help Famine victims and whose grounds contain the graves of some of those unfortunates, has closed but two retirement homes for the elderly, Park View and Silverdale, are fulfilling its last function. The Castle and its surrounds have been purchased from its private owners and restored as the centre of a pleasant riverside picnic and amenity area.
New private and Executive housing estates are pushing out the boundaries of the town in all directions.
Park View Nursing Home

Castlederg is booming after a difficult period in its history.

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Long may it last!