River Derg

"We passed through the little town of Derg. It is a pretty one, and romantically situated, but the bridge is narrow and inconvenient."
Society and Manners in North of Ireland. -JOHN GAMBLE(1819).

So lets have a look at this "romantically situated little town" of Castlederg,which, although located alongside the Derg river in Tyrone, is only minutes away from the Donegal border.The river itself is a spate river and is named after the Irish word for Red because of the red deposits in its upper reaches (or as the fanciful would have you believe,because of the blood spilled on its banks in bygone battles). It also has the reputation of being one of the best salmon fishing rivers in Ireland although fishing has suffered recently because of a dispute between local farmers and the River Authorities.
However take a closer look at;

1.Its Shopping and Business                 2.Its Recreation Facilities 

3.Its Troubles                              4.Its Early Days
Tell me-what have I missed?
(July 2006)