A rural primary school situated on the west side of the Isle of Lewis, serving the villages of Breasclete, Callanish,Garynahine and Linshader.  Built in 1879, the school consists of three main classrooms, a dining room and an outer general purpose building.  The adjacent schoolhouse was acquired In 1984 to provide much needed extra accommodation for art/craft activities, a library area, staffroom and storage.

There are 35 pupils on the school roll, and three permanent members of staff.
In 1986 a Gaelic Medium Unit was established with a starting roll of four pupils. In this session, 2001/2002 there are 26 pupils being taught through the medium of Gaelic, the remaining 9 pupils taught in English.

Tuesdays  3.30pm - 4.30pm

Term 1  - Basketball
Term 2  - Hockey
Term 3  - Short Tennis
Term 4  - Ultimate Frisbee