The Senior Youth Club meets every Tuesday night between 8pm and 10pm and is open to all young people from secondary school age onwards.

Due to lack of space, activities are limited inside the hall, but they do include table tennis, pool, table football, board games, etc. 

A lot of the children spend most of their time playing either football in the playground, or unihoc in the school hall.

These are some pictures of our recent trip to Uist where our Under 15 Unihoc team met the Uist Under 15 team for the Western Isles Final.  The Breasclete team won and are pictured here accepting their shield and trophy.  (See picture above left)
Above (left to right)  Andrew MacIver, Kenny Murdo MacLean (Leader), Alana Fraser, Anna Fraser
These pictures are of our trip to Perth in May this year for the Scottish Youth Club Finals, where all the winning teams of each competition (e.g. football, unihoc, basketball, etc.) from each region meet and compete against one another.  In the pictures are the two groups who went from Lewis - the Breasclete Under 15 Boys Football and the Carloway Under 15 Basketball.  The trip was highly successful, our own team reached the semi finals and the Carloway basketball team won all their games and came out top of their league, receiving a shield for their club and a medal each.
Elaine MacArthur
Uist  Team
Setting off for our day trip to Uist to Play Unihoc
On board the ferry on our way to Uist
Team Leaders
Kenny MacLennan
Andrew Maciver
James Crossley
Eoghainn Mitchell
Charles MacLeod
Ross MacIver
On the ferry coming home from Perth - Carloway Team (C)  Breasclete Team (B):
Back row:  Norrie Maciver (C), Dina MacLean, (B Leader), Eoghain Mitchell (B), James Crossley (B), Andrew MacIver (B), Gemma Porter (C), Jackie Maclean (C), Christa (C),
Front row:  DJ (C Leader), Donnie MacAulay (C), Charles MacLeod (B), Jonathon Porter (C), Kenny MacLennan (B), Ross MacIver (B), Scott MacAulay (C)

Outside the Holiday Inn where we were staying in Perth