This project started in 1999 - received Community Fund lottery grant aid in March 2003; partner funding from the Scottish Executive, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar and Western Isles Enterprise in August; with intensive fund raising both locally and through numerous charitable trusts  - now becomes a reality. 

The centre will provide a community facility to cater for the social, recreational, environmental and educational needs of the wider community, fully accessible to all people including disabled and physically impaired.  It will expand and develop the services currently provided by community groups; allow the creation of new user groups; and foster local provision of advice and support services by professional bodies.

The earth-eating monsters have gone, the yellow jackets and shiny hats have gone, the cement-mixer has gone, the white overalls and plastic buckets have gone, the multitudinous tradesmen's vans - and even the temporary cabins with their tea-making kettles - they have all gone, having completed their tasks in record time.

YES, the Breasclete community's new centre is finished, and everyone is looking forward to the official opening on August 13.

All members of the community have been invited to attend, as are former pupils of Breasclete School who expressed an interest at the reunion two years ago. 

If you are a former pupil or former resident of Breasclete, Callanish, Garynahine, Lochganvich, Linshader or Tolsta Chaolais who would like to attend and haven't yet received an invitation, please telephone Noreen on 01851 621295 before August 1.

The hall, of course, is enormous - but not infinite;  organisers do need to know who is coming so we can be sure you will have enough to eat from the stupendous buffet, and have a chair to sit on for the equally stupendous entertainment by local artists - not to mention the terrific dance which will conclude the days entertainments....