Garynahine township consists of twelve crofts with a population of 54 increasing at weekends, holidays, fishing/shooting seasons etc.  The village has twenty houses, plus one in progress, one restaurant - Tigh Mealros, owned and run by Kate & Jim Crawford and  Garynahine Lodge, the estate of Christopher Buxton.

This is a fairly active crofting township with all crofts being worked to a greater or lesser extent.  The grazings committee have been very active over the years with all moor areas now fenced, making stock management easier.  The area also participates in the Lewis Peatland Management Scheme run by Scottish National Heritage, and the Countryside Premium Scheme run by the Scottish Executive Rural Affairs Dept.


As part of the Garynahine Grazings Committee plan for the Crofting Community Development Scheme it was decided to try to rebuild the both at Cnoc Dudh Ceann Hulivig back to its former glory. This decision was taken in part due to the infectious enthusiasm of Mr James Crawford of No.12 Garynahine who had for the last decade extensively researched the history of this structure.
Local landscape architect Robert Stubbington [Stonefield Breasclete] designed the garden as well as helping throughout the project. Funding of £10,000 was obtained through CNES “ACE” challenge grants, this was matched by Western Isles Enterprise. A £5,000 Awards For All lottery grant, and £2,000 of our own contribution completed the £27,000 total package.

Garden landscape contractors were local firm Maclennan Contractors [David ‘Kelly’], James Crawford excelled in his stone feature construction, and Ian Brady of EONS ART did the eye catching artwork. The seat and table made by Stornoway Trust sawmill also surpassed all expectations and is a work of art in its own right.

Springcorrie Gardens

In November 2001, with the Comhairle nan Eilean Siar “ACE” grants acting as a catalyst the Garynahine villagers formed a residents association to improve township environs.

Resulting from this was a plan to provide a garden and picnic area in the village on part of the old roadway which had become a rush infested eyesore.
The garden was opened on Saturday 27th September by Garry MacLean [No9] and Kaitlyn Maclennan [the oldest and youngest village resident]. A turnout of over 50 people attended, with most staying for a following barbeque which was a great success.
Funding was obtained from Comhaire Nan Eilien Siar and Western Isles Enterprise and Jim Crawford was contracted to restore the both using pictures and drawings he himself had unearthed in his research. This work is now ongoing and due to be finished next year.