Dunkirk, June 1940
Dunkirk has a special place in local memory.  Five Breasclete soldiers were among the Highlanders taken prisoner at St. Valéry after fighting the rear-guard delaying action that made helped make Dunkirk possible for others - but that is another story (see Cuimhnich #2, p.30).  Here we are concerned with the achievement of Dunkirk itself. 
Among members of the crew of the minesweeper Queen of Thanet - which for five endless days and nights took part in the evacuation of the B.E.F. from Dunkirk - is Amhlaigh Iain Mhurch' Chaluim (Aulay Maciver, 7 Breasclete), far right; he has just removed the cap of Kenny a' Phròbhaisd (Kenneth Maciver, 31 Breasclete, who was later lost during the evacuation of Crete).

The Queen of Thanet approaching the Mole in Dunkirk harbour and taking aboard all the troops she could carry....
The photographs of Dunkirk here were found among Aulay's papers after his death in October, 1998.  
......among them members of the French Tank Corps and, below right, the C.O. of the French Foreign Legion. 
Most of them, of course, were soldiers of the British Expeditionary Force.