Breasclete Community Association
The Breasclete Community Association has been in existence since 1972. The committee comprises members of all ages drawn from all bodies and interests in the area to make sure that everybody is represented. We have a wide pool of business, technical and professional people whose knowledge and experience we can call on. We have carried out several projects in the past which include the levelling and surfacing of the school playground, installation of security fencing and floodlighting, the formation of the children's play area and the community workshop.
In 2000, the Breasclete Community Association held public meetings and surveyed all community groups in depth, which proved the inadequacy of facilities and highlighted the urgent need for a new community centre.

The Association are very pleased to see work beginning on this major new project.
The current focus of the Breasclete Community Association
is to construct a modern and attractive community centre to cater for the social, recreational, environmental and educational needs of the whole community. A new community centre will provide all existing groups with a permanent home, encourage the formation of new groupings, provide a facility for visiting groups from other parts of the island and generally provide a focal point for community life.