Walpurgis in the 13th Century

So why Walpurgis ?

Firstly this is the name I have chosen for one of my thirteenth century personas.

Walpurgis is a name of Anglo-Saxon origin, which I feel ties nicely into my Anglo-Saxon persona. A Walpurgis is featured in the 13th Century German Sword and Buckler manual I.33. The name means defender or fortress.

The name appears to have gained popularity via Saint Walburga, b. c.710, d. Feb. 25, 779, often called Saint Walburga of Heidenheim, who was an English missionary and abbess in Germany. The legend of Walpurgis (Walburga's) Night, when witches are said to congregate with the devil, originated from the coincidence of one of her feast days, May 1, with the date of a festival commemorating Waldborg, a pagan fertility goddess. Her other feast day is Feb. 25.

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