Price List 2010

1037 Hot Head Torch 31.00

1038 Self igniting Fire Torch 29.00

1440 Graphite paddle 15.00

PM Minor torch paddle 24.00

PHH Hot Head torch paddle 24.00

1050 Tungsten probe 12.00

1521 SS Rake 6.00

1007 Glass Rod Nipper 18.00

1870 Fusion Bead release (small 4oz) 16.00

1871 Fusion Bead release (medium 8oz) 22.00

1872 Fusion Bead release (large 32 oz)48.00

1370 Bead hole cleaners 6.00

1551 Ceramic fibre insulation blanket 10.00

1307 Mandrels 3mm width approx (other sizes please enquire) 5.50

1845 Button Mold 24.00

Schott Glass Technologies has developed a new contrast enhancement glass for spectacle lenses. The new material, called ACE, short for "Amethyst Contrast Enchanter," utilizes rare earth oxides in the glass composition to achieve the unique colour enhancing characteristics.
Basically, the colour enhancement concept works by selectively positioning transmission in the blue, green, and red spectral regions whereby one can improve the colour discrimination between different colour objects. These are the same colours used to produce a color television picture. They optimize the readability of such displays under high ambient light conditions.
P202 Glass utilizes rare earth oxides in its composition to provide the same filtration. This glass is very efficient in filtering sodium flare in addition to providing ultraviolet protection to 390 mm. The P202 (ACE) is becoming a preferable choice of hot glass workers. It is very comfortable for viewing under high ambient light conditions such as when working with hot glass or glowing heat sources for a duration of time. Also, although it has a relatively low luminous transmission of 38%, it is not recommended for sun protection use unless UV filtering coatings are applied.

1004 Rose Didymium clip ons 54.00

1005 Rose Didymium visor 90.00

1027 Make glass beads 14.00

VRR Rod Rest 4.00

We can get all other burners, specialised tools and most other requirements, please ask if you do not see what you need.

Glass Rod mixed in your choice 20/ kilo (phone and postal orders only)

Glass Rod single colour or our choice of mixed 11.00/kilo

Colours from stock

Colours from stock

Colours from stock

Colours from stock

Colours from stock

Colours from stock

Colours from stock

Or 75p/rod (phone and postal orders only)

Stock colours no minimum order, non stock colours may attract a minimum 3kg

Latticino 50/kilo

You may purchase smaller amounts but only by credit card and per full small rod, please call for details

Satake Glass mixed 36/kilo (Limited colours)

Postage within the UK 9.50 per order

elsewhere at cost which will be advised after order

Private Instruction

At my premises 15 per person per hour

Elsewhere 15 per person per hour + travelling

Group Instruction By arrangement


MAPP Gas for Hot Head torches

B & Q warehouse tends to be the cheapest

Call Bernzomatic Europe on 0114 251 9101
for your nearest supplier or try B&Q, Plumb Centres, and Halfords.

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