Alex Redon

Trainee Stunt Performer and Action Extra

Height: 5'11"

Hair: Dark Blond

Eyes: blue

Weight: 12st 4lbs


Alex is available for modelling, walk ons and action work, he is based in the UK but willing to travel subject to expenses.

Please email or call 0116 260 4442 or 07711171065


Climbing harness and carabinas

A variety of horses 12-16.3hh

Riding tack including, English, western, spanish, medieval, military and side saddles.

Single handed, hand 'n' half swords, spears, pole arms, roman and chain mail armour, and shields.

Mongolian recurve and American hunting bows.

Several historical costumes.

Acting Experience:

From age 8 as part of a re-enactment group, performing both in the UK and on the Continent. Mainly at museums for public displays.

Film, TV, display and modelling work including:-

First Royal Dragoons Display Team Display rider Season of 2000-2003

Crossroads Carlton Guest 2002/3

Vanity Fair 2003

Sweet Medicine 2003

Please ask for full CV and credit list.


Fully bilingual in English and French.


1500m distance, Personal Survival 1 & 2, Swimming Challenge Award Silver, Waterskills 4, Lifesaving 3, Intermediate Snorkel Diver. High Diving. In training for PADI open water diver.

Horse riding:

Alex has been riding since he was 2. He played Horseball at National level for 3 years. He was a member of the 1999 British Junior Horseball Team, gaining a Bronze. He has also been awarded a prize for the Number 2 Horseball player in the UK selected from both senior & junior players. He displays with The British Buzkashi Team and The First Dragoons. He practises the art of mounted archery.

Alex is competent at breaking and schooling horses.

He is looking forward to Tent pegging competitions next year

Motorbike riding:

Off road experience for 6 years, currently riding a KX100

Full Motorbike license.

Car driving:

Off road experience for 4 years starting on Quads, now driving a Unimog & Land Rover. Production Car Trial competitor. Skilled tractor operator and mechanic.

Full Car and tractor licence


3x Arrow, Bronze Chamoix, Snowboarding 1 star


Experience both indoor & outdoor and caving.

Fighting Skills:

Western Martial Arts: Hand 'n' half, spear , sword and buckler.

Eastern Martial Arts: Judo

Archery: mounted and standing

British Academy of Dramatic combat Basic certificate. Intermediate trainee.

Other: BMX rider

Battle of Hasting 2000