Juanita- The child mummy of Ampato

Who re-imerged in 1995, 500 years after being sacrificed to the Inca Gods.

Juanita- The Maiden of Ampato (La Niña del Ampato)
In September 1995, a shower of ash from the Sabancaya volcano landed on the neighbouring volcano of Ampato releasing the maiden of Ampato once again into the light of day 500 years after being placed there at the end of a long trek from Cuzco many miles to the South. For approximately eight days after arriving at the peak Juanita was made to fast prior to eating her final meal made entirely from vegetables and coca leaves . The coca leaves created a drug induced stupor. This was also when the final offerings were made as a pleading request to Inti the Sun God. Once the ceremony was complete a swift well-aimed blow to her forehead ended her short life as an offering to the God of Ampato.

Research on her clothing which when found was in a very good state of repair helped scientists to pinpoint the climatic characteristics of the era, similar to the weather in Peru in 1997, a drought was just ending , and the El Niño phenomenon was just breaking, bringing with it torrential rain.

Further information on this subject is available from the
Museum of the Southern Andean Sanctuaries Project, Arequipa Peru.

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